Meeting Rooms

The Hartley Public Library has one large meeting room which is open for public use.  To reserve the room, stop by or call the library at 928-2080.  Drop-in use is allowed on the condition that no prior reservations are in place.  


Meeting Room Guidelines

This room is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis and can booked by calling the library. A small refrigerator and microwave are available. Room capacity is 49 persons. Tables and chairs are provided in the meeting room. Meeting room guidelines are as follows:

  1. This room cannot be used for the sale of any goods or services.
  2. Provided that prior approval of the library director has been obtained, appetizers and light refreshments may be served in the room.  However, the preparation of such food shall not take place at the library.
  3. Napkins, coffee and all other necessary supplies or utensils must be furnished by the organization using the room.  Upon request, the library will make coffeepots available for use in the room.
  4. Upon completion of its meeting, the organization using the room shall be responsible for all necessary cleaning.  Any trash or refuse must be deposited in the container provided by the library.
  5. Any organization wishing to rearrange the tables, chairs, etc. is responsible for doing so themselves.  All electronic appliances and devices must remain in thier original locations.  Tables, chairs, etc. must be returned to their original arrangement at the conclusion of the meeting.
  6. Smoking and the consumption of alcohol are prohibited at all times in the meeting room.
  7. Room capacity as reported from the State Fire Marshall's office is 49 bodies.

Groups wishing to use the library meeting room are encouraged to review our full Meeting Room Policy.  Any questions or concerns may be discussed with the library director.