Library Policies

The library's policies are reviewed and approved by the Board.

The library board has established a book of policies to govern the library. These policies serve as a blue print for effective library operation, underscore the library's service philosophy and ensure that customers receive consistent service. 

The policies are reviewed regularly to help guarantee that they remain timely.


Our policies may be viewed online at the following links: 
Personnel Policy
Operations Policy
Collection Developement Policy
Circulation Policy
Meeting Room Policy
Library Equipment Policy
Internet and Computer Policy
Interlibrary Loan Policy
Weeding Policy
Displays and Exhibits Policy
Bulletin Board Policy
Emergency Policy
Library Conduct Policy
Safe Child Policy
Proctoring Policy
Volunteer Policy
Gifts and Memorials Policy
Confidentiality Policy
Sex Offender Policy
Freedom to Read


Please contact the library director with any questions about library policies.  A physical version of the library's Policy Manual is available at the library.  

Last updated 4/2020.