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Your Library Card

Who can get a library card, how to apply, and how to use your library card.

1. All borrowers must be registered and must have a valid local patron card to borrow library materials.

2. Patrons must fill out an application form to register for a new library card. The following statement will be printed on the information and acceptance:

I agree to be responsible for all items borrowed with the library card issued in the above name, including items borrowed with it by others with or without my consent unless I have previously reported the loss of my card. I promise to comply with all library rules and policies both present and future, and to give prompt notice of change of address or loss of library card.

Signature________________________ Date __________________________

3. Identification is required. A current driver’s license and a recent business piece of mail verifying correct address may be acceptable.

4. Library materials are loaned for a period of two (2) weeks with the exception of dvd's, videos, and encyclopedias which are limited to one (1) week with renewals unless being requested by another patron. Fines for books, magazines, cd's, videos,  dvd's, and books on tape are $.05 per day. Fines must be under $5.00 in order to check out items. CD’s and DVD’s cannot be returned in the book drop and a $.50 fine per item will be accessed for violating this rule. 

    A. Interlibrary loans are due the date indicated by the lending library.
    B. Books may be renewed once if there is not a waiting list for that title, with the exception of Best Sellers.
    C. Current issues of periodicals do not circulate.

5. Only four movies can be checked out to a family at one time. Otherwise there is no limit on the number of items an adult patron can borrow at one time. (age 16 & older), patrons ages 15 and younger are allowed four (4) items at one time unless parent or guardian is with them and they will be responsible for unlimited amount of items. There is one exception to this rule—only two (2) items on a subject is the limit for a known school assignment.

6. The borrower must make good any loss or damage to all books, records, magazines, videos, CD’s, DVD’s, cassette tapes, or anything else borrowed.

7. When a patron has lost a book or other library property, it is the responsibility of the patron to pay the cost for the item.  If the item is found and returned in good condition the patron will be reimbursed the same amount paid minus any fines incurred during the time the book or library material was lost.  The patron has the option to keep the lost book and waive the reimbursement, but still is responsible for any fines and replacement costs.

8. A borrower must accept financial responsibility for any damage to film, slide, overhead and 16 mm projectors and screens, laptops, typewriters, cassette recorder or any property belonging to the library.  Equipment is to be used in the local area and must be returned the following day after use, unless other arrangements have been made with the library staff.

9. Section 714.5 of the Code of Iowa provides for the return of library materials and makes it a criminal offense if materials are intentionally not returned. 

10.  The library offers a Home Delivery Program for people who are homebound.  There is no charge for this service but regular fines and damage fees will still apply for items checked out.  Call the library for more information.

This resource is supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act as administered by State Library of Iowa.